Addressing Pain with Effective Pain Relief Techniques

Pain is much more than just a sensation that causes discomfort. They are a vital sign of some sort of irregularities that is happening within our body. Considered as the fifth vital sign by doctors, the intensity of pain can provide a cue regarding the status of our health. 

Pain is the response of our nervous system mostly intended to provide protective effects for our body. Pain varies in intensity and duration as in acute, sub acute or chronic. Pain relief methods ranges from home remedies, medications, injections and in severe cases invasive methods like surgery.

Pain can range in various intensity from acute which occurs abruptly and lasts for days or few weeks to chronic pain severe in nature and lasts for weeks to months. The signs of pain that depicts need for medical intervention are as follows: -
  • Pain that persists for more than 3 weeks
  • Pain that contributes to stress, depression or anxiety
  • Pain that interferes with daily life activities
  • Pain that constantly hampers comfort
  • When homemade remedies and other methods of interventions do not bring about necessary relief.
Living with chronic or acute pain not just causes physical discomfort; they cause huge emotional stress and effect the quality of life as well. Hence, seeking medical attention is highly recommended.
Methods of pain relief
Pain management is initiated after ascertaining the cause of pain. It involves various treatment options like medication, injection and invasive procedures like surgery. Pain relief medications helps in reducing the amount of pain signals transmitted to the brain. This helps in numbing the pain. Various pain relief medications include NSAIDs, acetaminophen, and so on. Medications are administered in the form of pills or as injections.
Invasive pain therapy includes procedures such as RFA (Radio Frequency Ablation) where nerves are numbed by passing electric current as radio waves through them. Other procedures are done based on the contributing factor of the pain.
ReLeaf, headquartered in Bangalore is a one of its kind initiative, with pain relief centres for effective and efficient management of various kinds of pain and palliative care.

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