Get Rid of Low Back Pain Now

Low back pain is known as any pain or discomfort which is experienced into the bottom part of the spine, known as lumber spine.  This area is supporting the most of the upper body’s weight.  This particular type of the back pain is highly widespread that affects around 85 percent of the adults. It is a number one cause of job related disability. Fortunately, there are various effective treatment methods are available to eliminate lower back pain.
  • Muscle spasms
  • Achy pain
  • Stiffness in moving
  • Soreness upon touch
  • Pain that moves down in leg area
  • Numbness 
  • Pins and needle sensation
Causes of low back pain are strained ligaments or muscle tissues, spinal stenosis, skeletal irregularities, raptured discs, disc degeneration, traumatic injury, infections, sciatica, tumors, arthritis, kidney stones, and fibromyalgia. A inactive lifestyle, pregnancy, obesity or smoking can also contributing in developing low back pain. There are so many causes of low back pain that it is recommended to visit doctor to understand the root cause of the disease.
The minimally invasive surgery is recommended for treating low back pain. The pain and spin management specialist develop a customized treatment plans for the person that can fit in their individual needs and preferences. The surgeons can designed many procedures to accurately diagnose the root cause and provide its solution. Depending on the person’s symptoms, medical history, and physical state, the doctors recommended a pain mapping procedure that temporarily relieves the person. The doctor also recommended MRI and CT scan to understand the condition better.
Minimally invasive surgery has many advantages. It has less risk of scarring and trauma to adjoining tissues. It also has minimum recovery time. It is of two types
  • Discectomy or microendoscopic discectomy
  • Fusion
Releaf Pain Relief Center in Bangalore and Noida has world class facilities to treat low back pain. The doctors of the center are highly qualified and experienced.


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